W. Bruce Yancey, Jr., MD

W. Bruce Yancey, Jr., MD
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine




MD University of Florida
Residency University of Florida Internal Medicine
Fellowship University of Florida Rheumatology

Clinical Interests:

  • Providing rheumatology care to patients as a volunteer at the Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs (ACORN) Clinic in Brooker.


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  • Silvestris F, Rots N, Yancey WB Jr., Malone C, Searles R, Solomon A, and Williams RC, Jr. Mono-clonal antibodies against human anti-F(ab’)2 antibodies react with light chain epitopes. Clin Imm Immunopath 1991. 59: 139-155.
  • Silvestris F, Yancey WB Jr., Malone C, Dammaco F, and Williams RC, Jr. Parallelism of serum anti-F(ab’)2 and anti-cationic IgG reactivities in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Clin Immunol Immunopathol 1991. 59:256-270.
  • Yancey WB Jr., Silvestris F, Conlon M, Rodriguez M, Malone C, and Williams RC Jr. Human anti-F(ab’)2 antibodies show preferential reactivity for F(ab’)2 molecules bearing lambda light chains. Clin Immunol Immunopathol 1992 Nov. 65(2): 176-82.
  • Yancey WB Jr., Williams RC Jr. Laboratory tests for rheumatic diseases. Postgrad Med 1991 Feb 1; 89(2): 93-6, 99-100, 103.

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